Bubble Star for Windows 8

Popular bubble popping game for Windows 8


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  • Category Puzzle
  • Program license Free
  • Works under: Windows 10 / Windows 8
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Random Salad Games

Shoot coloured balls from the ceiling and earn points.

With Bubble Star for Windows 8 you are tasked with shooting different coloured balls at sets of balls on the ceiling in order to pop or release them. You shoot them from a cannon at the bottom of the screen. You only have a certain number of shots per round, and it is your job to get rid of all the balls on the screen.

Shoot Coloured Balls At Coloured Balls

Not only do you have to clear the room of all the balls within a certain number of shots, you may also have to do certain side missions, such as have a bunch of one colour removed via a vacuum system on the right of the screen.

The balls are different colours and it is your job to shoot the same colour balls at the grouped balls attached to the ceiling. If the same coloured ball is shot at a group of the same coloured balls, then the balls disappear. All of the balls are connected by some sort of invisible force, which means that if you are able to remove the balls at the very top of the screen, then the balls attached beneath will fall as well.

Fancy Balls To Play With

There are a number of fancy balls you can shoot, and they do a range of different things such as blow up or make your job harder. There is a counter on the right of the screen that tells you how many shots you have left.

Penalties For Shooting Your Balls

If you use up all your shots, then you can get a refill, but the ceiling gets a little lower. It gets lower to make the job more difficult because you can easily get a build up of balls, and if they are built up beyond a certain point, then the game is over. For example, if you want a red ball but keep getting different colours, then the balls you fire (not red ones) will build up on the screen as you shoot them to the point where the bulk of the balls takes up so much space that your game is over.


  • Starts easy but may get too difficult for some
  • The controls are fairly straight forward
  • Lots of little features to keep it interesting
  • Can become addictive as it becomes more complex
  • It is fun knocking a lot of balls off at once


  • The repetitive nature is not for everybody
  • Some of the levels have their balls so mixed that the game is unsatisfying
  • There are some levels that seem to have a pre-determined shot structure
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